NEW XL 10lb plus Largemouth Bass Mount for sale

NEW XL 10lb plus Largemouth Bass Mount for sale
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NEW! XL 10 lb 3 oz Largemouth BASS Fish Mount This is a VERY LARGE 10lb 3 oz -approx 22 inch-- Largemouth Bass Fish Mount/taxidermy!!Includes Open mouth and Gills with all plates!!!!-Shippable Worldwide Mount/Replica/Taxidermy- Ships in about 14-30 Days as these are made to order---Cast full from the WHOLE FISH- Heavy Resin and fiberglass-NOT a hollow cheap shell like most you will see on Ebay ! Not as huge as our World Record 22lb + largemouth bass mount or theAl. Record 16 1/2 lb- But a very nice XXL size for just about anywhere! (the eye in pic looks a little funny because we hadnt cleaned off all paint yet! sorry)We also can MATCH YOUR CATCH/FISH FROM YOUR PICTURES AND DO AT LEAST 100 CUSTOM BASS A YEAR! We get many buyers put these Biggest Bass up in cabins/condos/lodge and claim them as their own catch! (we won't tell anyone!!) These take a lot of time to craft and detail/paint (see some pics of process) - THESE ARE VERY HARD TO PHOTOGRAPH- Each will be slightly different with own personality- but pics are very good examples and cast from exact same mold-COLORS BLEND BETTER THAN PICS WILL SHOW! We have many World Record Fish and Shark mounts -SEE ALL IN OUR STORE! -Fish Measures approx 21 inches nose to tail . Nice upgrade tri-level hanger on back of this and all our wall hanging mounts- Shipping is reasonabley--Our Molds are cast from the real fish and have better detail than skin mounts-especially over time-very heavy fiberglass/resin- not a cheap shell like many mounts you see on Ebay-This is a mount that friends or customers will be very impressed with- not something you see everyday! Paint is very camo as in a real fish ! We also do 17 different sizes of bass and take custom orders to mount YOUR Fish!! Just call or email me- - (251) 747-4788- We also do over 100 species of fresh and saltwater fish- specializing in World Records and Big Sharks!! Great packages for Restaurants/Bars/Attractions and Museums I told ALL my Regular Clients we were going to Have unbelievable Record Fish Mounts, Incredible Shark Mounts , Huge Shark jaws and one of a kind items the next few months-This is a Good way to Start! We also make THE XXL World Record 22 lb plus for $349 and every size in between-We can make Any size from your photo of your fish too!- please email for details on those.

Mount is NEW!! 100% top condition-Paint is Right with many shades of color and Detail- These are VERY HARD to photograph because of relections in shiny coat surface!

Mount made with greatest care from original mold- and is BRAND NEW and ready to ship!

This would be a Great addition to any Gulf or Lake Front Home or Condo-as well as any Seafood restaurant or Tourist shop! Everyone will notice this Fierce Fish.!

LOOKS GREAT ON any Wall-This is a very Unique & IMPRESSIVE MOUNT!!

Don't let this one get away! You already missed the world record Flounder, Speckled Trout, and Tarpon- But I make more everyday!!-Add me to your Favorites List! This Fellow is really special and this takes a lot of work. Those who know me-know I spend WAY too much time detailing & painting these Fish and feel it is never really perfect- but I try! She is Heavy Resin- not a cheap shell- I like to do things the "Old Fashioned" way so they will last Forever. Thanks! Shaun-monsters from the deep-

I will be offering More World Record Mounts- And a & Shippable size Shark Mounts Great White, Blacktip, Tiger, Mako & Hammerhead late this Month-add me to your favorites! We always have Record size Sharks & Saltwater Fish Mounts in our store too-Check it out!

These take 1 hrs to box and ship- Shipping is UPS Ground/Home-Fast & Safe!